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Cre8tion (Airtouch) 2-Way Disp. Slim Buffer 80/100 O/W 06075

Item Number: AB-BUF-06075-EAC

Cre8tion (AirTouch) 2-Way Disp. Slim Buffer 80/100 O/W

The best Buffer for Natural Manicure comes in bulk box of 1000pcs

Product Features

  • 1000 Nails Buffers
  • A nail buffing block that'll work on acrylics, gel nails, nail tips and more
  • This White Grit on Orange 2-Way Nail Buffing Block is it! It works fast on eliminating scratches and file marks on all nail enhancements
  • Ideal for removing scratches and file marks from gel nails, acrylics, nail tips and all nail enhancements
  • 2 Way design gives you enough space for full nail coverage or to buff tight areas like side walls or cuticles
  • Easy to sanitize and durable buffing blocks



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