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Silkline 2-Sided Stars Mini Buffers BUFFMINI1BRC 02785

Item Number: AB-BUF-02785-EAC

An essential tool for any salon. These mini buffers come in cute holiday star shapes, making them perfect for the holiday season or for special events. Each package contains one buffer, making them convenient and easy to use.

These buffers are disposable, providing a hygienic solution for your salon or for personal use. They are double-sided, with one side featuring 120 grit for manicures and the other side featuring 180 grit for pedicures. This allows you to easily shape, smooth and buff your nails for a polished look.

Each buffer is individually wrapped, providing an added layer of hygiene, and making them easy to store and transport. These buffers are perfect for salons that want to offer their clients a unique and fun experience and are also great for personal use.

Try SilkLine's Brilliance Star Shaped Mini Nail Buffer today and elevate your salon or personal nail care routine to the next level!




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