Cuccio ProT3 LED/UV Controlled Leveling 1oz. Pink 6950-LED

SKU: NE-GEL-T6950-001

T3 LED/UV Controlled Leveling Gel - Pink 1oz

Acrylics are not flexible and can snap against too much stress. True strength comes with flexibility. T3 out-performs all other brands with a formula that offers the professional technician the flexibility and professional strength adhesion. Its unique viscosity and user control gives everything you have wanted in a gel at a price you can afford!

Fast to apply and curing in just 30 seconds under an LED lamp, the T3 LED/UV gel saves you valuable time.

The Controlled Leveling Formula is perfect for acrylic users crossing over to gels. Our thick viscosity formula gives you total control - the gel stays where you want it.



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