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CuccioLED/UV Brush-On Builder .43oz Cashmere SweaterCPGL6293

Item Number: NE-GEL-99487-0D4

A subtle nude builder gel. Cashmere Sweater is the most natural nude color in our builder category that goes with any skin tone.

Beautifully colored calcium-enriched builder gel, in an easy brush-on formula, applies like a soak-off gel polish but works like a hard gel.

Product Features

    • LED/UV Self-levelling lightweight formula.
    • color match your client’s skin tone.
    • Perfect to camouflage re-growth and to correct uneven or bitten nail beds.
    • Super quick application time due to easy brush-on formula – versatile product with many different uses:
    • Use nail forms to sculpt the entire nail.
    • Use over nail tips as an overlay.
    • Use to reinforce natural nail strength – great for encouraging natural nail growth following removal of extension products.
    • Use Cuccio Form-a-Nail Nail forms to create a perfect full set of professional nails in 30 minutes
    • For long lasting adhesion, use the Builder Gel instead of glue to ensure 3+ weeks adhesion of our new Full Coverage Nail Tips.
    • Soak off product – with the strength of a hard gel!

    Product Benefits

    • Allows you to construct, fill, build & shape the natural nail, with the ease of brushing on.
    • Reinforces natural nails structure by strengthening weak and brittle nails.
    • Works with all Cuccio Pro, Cuccio Veneer & Cuccio color items.
    • Self-levelling formula without shrinking effect
    • Base gel coat for gel polish that has an extra elastic and flexible nature
    • Creamy application without running
    • Superior adhesive function
    • Use for a no lift, extra-flexible coat before Hard gel and acrylic application.
    • Holds its shape on a form beautifully for less filing to get the shape you want.
    • Appealing to manicure clients accustomed to using nail lacquer and makes a transition to long-lasting gel services quick and easy.

    Tips &Tricks

    • Always keep the lid on the gel to prevent exposure to light and contamination, keep far away from natural sunlight – it will ruin the gel.
    • Nails should be removed every 2 or 3 weeks.
    • Make sure hands and gel are at room temperature before applying.
    • Keep your Lamp bulbs clean of dust.
    • Brush on Builder can be used with primer or fuse, depends on the client nails need.
    • Brush on Builder can be used with any other brand of gel polish.
    • Can be used to do refills on acrylic and hard gels
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